Welcome to GreenBuzz!

GreenBuzz organises events that create and develop a local community of informed, motivated professionals from the private, public and civil sector. We leverage the community to position sustainability in business and help other local teams to start the Buzz in their city.

You can learn more in our freshly launched GreenBuzz Zurich Progress Report or in the section about GreenBuzz. Make sure to sign up to our invitation mailings!

Check out the upcoming GreenBuzz events:

20 August: Sustainability of food @ Helvetas

23 September: GreenBuzz @ Umwelt Arena with Swisscom

18 November: Sustainability of solar energy and collectors production @ Ernst Schweizer AG (invitation and registration is coming in early Autumn)

1 December: Traditional GreenBuzz Xmas Dinner @ sustainable cuisine restaurant Equi-Table (invitation and registration will open in late October)

Check out what else is in the making and save the dates for buzzing in 2014!